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Veröffentlicht von Meesteresselma (54j) am Donnerstag, 27 Februar - 15:11

Hello submissive slaves/sissies/bi/couples My name is Mrs_Selma and I am a Full-bodied, Strict, Dominant, Sadistic Mistress of 54 years young.
I have long red hair, strict eyes that can torment or love. I have a happy smile,
I am spontaneous, but I am certainly very strict. I live with my friend who is 100% behind me,
My Dominance has not been taught to me, I am just Dominant by myself.
Being a mistress is my lust and my life and I can't live without it. we ourselves have no children, only our pets.

I am looking for serious,reliable,genuine submissive very submissive slaves/ sissies/bi/couples with guts
and perseverance, who also go 100% for it, slaves/sissies/bi/couples who are not too be foolish to take
that step as many are, most slaves today have many words and talks, but they do,
they want everything, but when it comes down to it, it is wacky dare not to take the step,
do not respond to my ad (no words but deeds I always say) to withdraw, with my friend and animals,
are you the slave/sissy/bi/couples with a home in the outskirts, a property in a rural location,
farm or a detached house, Or if you do not have such a house willing to rent another house,
please contact me, the reason I love nature and freedom,and where you have no neighbors have that look on
your lip,I want to be able to go my way with my slave/sissy/bi/couple, for example walking naked through
the garden,without having to take into account neighbors who do not know what BDSM entails
and start complaining, a slave/sissy/bi/couple who have their current be tired of life,
do you want to give your life a new twist, and start a new life as Servant / TPE slave/sissy and would
like to relinquish control to a Dominant Sadistic Mistress, a Mistress who comes to live with you with
her friend and animals and of course I will take my household effects with you, you have the space and
you have always dreamed of having your own Mistress where you do everything for, what you want to crawl
for, a Mistress who takes over total control from you, and then leave everything but then everything to
your Mistress, all you have to do is listen to your Mistress and do what your Mistress tells you to do,
you have to keep me satisfied

This is what I have. Spreader bar Different whips (including a whip with iron chains) Candle wax Nipple clamps Handcuffs Masks Electroset Chastity belt (CB-6000 with electrostimulation) Vibrating butt plug Strapon (virus) Ball butcher Old-fashioned carpet beater Body bag Pinwheel Mondgags Collar with pins etc Dog crate for confinement I also visit, among other things Humiliate Faceslapping Trampling Ballbusting
You are used for house slave, furniture item, driver, pack donkey, dog, horse, etc
I myself rather see a slave/sissy as an attribute, means or extension of myself.
BDSM is therefore not a game for me. With me there is no beginning and no end. If you were my slave/sissy, you would be forever. I tolerate only 2 reasons in your measly life to get out of bed in the morning and that reason is me
and your work (note: I will not lie next to you in bed ...) My slave/sissy must know his or her place. You are only there to make my life more pleasant.
You give up your own pleasure completely. Your free will? It is nipped in the bud.
Your life will be dominated by my happiness, health and prosperity. Your life as my slave / slave / sissy will mainly consist of relieving my daily activities.
This means not only that the entire house has to be put aside, but also that the more challenging jobs
must be done. There is also only one role for you as a slave/sissy/couple in my life: serving me. Do you think this is the life I always wanted, do you dare to sign up with me and to step out of your
current life and start a new life then send a quick message then you will receive an email from me with
my questions that you must answer You shouldn't be afraid of dogs since I have dogs, you get a contract with house rules and positions
and you get a slave list that needs to be filled out. I don't have time for fakers, so don't bother. Only a docile TPE slave/sissy/couple is what I want. I don't mind long email back and forth that is just wasting my precious time Requirements : Good pay Reliable / honest / serious Submissive / very submissive. Courage and perseverance


54 Jahre


Meesteresselma empfängt privat in Scherpenzeel (Gelderland)



  • Bondage (Meister/Herrin)
  • Bondage (Slave)
  • Herrin (hard)
  • Herrin (soft)
  • Sklave (Hard)
  • Sklave (soft)


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