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Anal Ecstasy Kit

Enjoy the pleasure and stimulation of an anal orgasm.

This pack contains our best products for anal pleasure.

The Pink Beautiful plug is held securely in place by its flared base, which acts as a stopper. The dilation it provides is an excellent way to get ready for anal sex.

Size: length 11cm and diameter 3cm. Made …

Lubrifist Gel 200ml

Specially studied for very strong penetrations.

This gel is part of a complete family of laboratory products developed and recommended by Doctor Waynberg, a well known sexologist.
Compatible with condoms. Non fat, it does not stain. Paraben free.

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1

Massage gel and lubricant in a single product.

Play Massage is a brand new 2 in 1 gel: it can be used as a massage gel for very sensual foreplay and also as an intimate lubricant (water-based, 100% compatible with condoms).
This kinky gel can be licked or kissed.
Enriched with extracts of Ylang Ylang, known for its re…

Drop Sex 20 ml

Stimulate your sex drive!

This plant-based food supplement is the solution to stimulate your sex drive and quickly reach the level of arousal needed for enjoyable intercourse. A few drops in any drink will promote arousal. Take 7 to 15 drops on a sugar cube, neat, or mixed with a drink 20 minutes before …

We Vibe Sync Vibrator

The revolutionary sex toy, even more powerful and efficient.

The We Vibe Sync vibrator is an evolution of the We Vibe 4 Plus. This version offers the same technological innovations as its predecessor (it is worn during sex and is connected) but it has been improved on various levels (a more compact and adjustable shape, more powerful moto…

Hybrid lubricating gel

An innovating lubricant with a silicone effect for faultless lubrication...

As soft and smooth as a silicone gel, this SexyAvenue hybrid gel is very effective. A revolution, its silky, almost slippery texture creates sensations very similar to natural lubrication. This non-stick gel ensures long-lasting lubrication and is perfect for marathon love-makin…

Vitalib box of 10

Vitalib makes your erection harder and longer lasting.

VITALIB is a dietary supplement which improves your performance and enhances your erection. It is made of 100% natural active ingredients derived from plant extracts.
How to take: Take one or two capsules two hours before sexual activity. Do not take more than 2 capsules wi…

Sexy Gel 4ml single dose pack

Single dose packs of lubricating gel naturally formulated with water.

This gel is a bestseller in our Sexy Gel range, specially designed for you and formulated to minimise the risk of allergies. Sexy Gel may therefore be applied to all the intimate parts of your body for additional lubrication. Sexy Gel is water-based, so it is non-greasy, non-sti…

Egg Lovers

The special couples Tenga Egg.

The egg is very stretchy and supple and therefore fits all sizes. Its packaging and the texture on the inside, with a heart design, have been specially designed for couples. Ladies offer this sex toy to your partner and let him experience new sensations during foreplay.

Disinfectant Cleaner for Sexy Toys

A can very useful to clean and disinfect your toys in one spray.

Instant action antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungicide and anti-virucide cleaning gel for hands and accessories.
No rinsing required, this gel allows you to clean and disinfect your hands and toys instantly.
It does not stain, does not stick and leaves the skin feeling …

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Aloe Vera

Massage gel and lubricant in a single product.

Play Massage is a brand new 2 in 1 gel: it can be used as a massage gel for very sensual foreplay and also as an intimate lubricant (water-based, 100% compatible with condoms).
This kinky gel can be licked or kissed.
It contains aloe Vera, which will leave your skin feel…

Sexybasics Carla set

Show off your figure with this collector's essential!

Set comprising a mini corset and a g-string in fine black lace. Short corset adjusted by a halter-neck, under-wiring to support the bust, criss-cross lace at the front for a very glamorous touch. Unpadded cups, straight back. G-string with a wide lace waistband. Mesh at the fron…

Rabbit Cockring

The SexyAvenue Rabbit Cockring is a pleasure that you should share at least once in your life!

It s a vibrating ring which delays ejaculation to the maximum and also stimulates the clitoris, thanks to the vibrations produced by its rabbit ears.

It provides each partner with very intense sensations, which is probably why couples love it. With its stretchy silicone …

Magic Motion Flamingo connected vibrating egg

A connected sex toy to use alone or in a couple.

The Flamingo connected vibrating egg can be discreetly carried around with you (at work, in a restaurant, in the cinema or in your car for example). It can be remotely controlled by connecting it to your smartphone or your partner's! It offers seven vibration modes. For example,…

Lace up Net Pantyhose

Fishnet thigh highs with 3'' stretch lace top

Stockings with elastic band to be worn with or without a suspender belt.

SexyAvenue condom

Discover SexyAvenue condoms in a capsule!

With trendy and original packaging guaranteeing optimal storage life, SexyAvenue condoms can be carried everywhere. Finally, fun and sexy packaging!
Also available in a pack of 5 condoms, all contained in a pretty organza bag in SexyAvenue s colours (reference G4306).

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