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Flip Hole in black

The Flip Hole with a very firm, tight interior.

Tenga has launched, by popular request, a new Hard Black Tenga Flip Hole!
Its new revolutionary sheath has been redesigned to be tighter and provide even more powerful embraces. The internal combination of grooves and ribs makes black FLIP HOLE a completely unique sex toy f…

Caress Feather Duster

For sexy, sensual foreplay.

Stimulate all the parts of your partner s body with this very soft feather duster. The softness of the feathers on your partner s skin will make them succumb to pleasure!
An object of pure beauty with its small satin ribbon on the handle.

Size Gain Plus

Sizegain Plus can produce a natural extension of the male penis.

This treatment was created with the aim of increasing the penis of all men who wish to enhance their masculinity and improve their self-confidence, without risking their health. In addition, it contains Bioperine®, a piperine extract which facilitates the absorption of ingredien…

Seventh Heaven is all yours!

Their reputation goes before them, the Jack The Rabbit and the MasterWand Massager are the most effective vibrators!

With this pack, ecstasy is guaranteed. It is made up of the world's 2 best-known vibrators and the star of lubricating gels, Sexyavenue (water-based Sexygel 30 ml). Comes with a sex-toy storage pouch.

The Jack The Rabbit is now known across the whole world following the…

Manix Skyn x 20

Discover how it feels to wear nothing with Manix Skyn, the revolutionary condom!

Are you ready to experience the new generation of condoms? Manix Skyn is a revolutionary, premium condom designed by Sensoprène. The material is so subtle that you ll hardly feel it, giving you a maximum amount of pleasure. Try Manix Skyn and discover how it feels to wear absolu…

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 Aloe Vera

Massage gel and lubricant in a single product.

Play Massage is a brand new 2 in 1 gel: it can be used as a massage gel for very sensual foreplay and also as an intimate lubricant (water-based, 100% compatible with condoms).
This kinky gel can be licked or kissed.
It contains aloe Vera, which will leave your skin feel…

Infiniti Gel

This revolutionary lubricating gel is ultra-comfortable and won t dry out!

Infiniti is a top-of-the-range, silicone-based lubricating gel. Its light consistency creates a silky, extremely soft sensation. And its effectiveness has been proven: it lasts 3 times longer than a water-based gel. Extremely gentle and water-resistant, it works in water and is …

Sensual Sliding Gel 'Easy System' 30

Natural water base

Directions for use : for enhanced sensuality and pleasure, SexyGel can be used on the intimate parts of the body, bringing extra lubrication.
Fat free, SexyGel is never sticky nor tacky. Tasteless, scentless and fragrance free. Non allergenic. Compatible with latex condoms.

Laura Babydoll

Very short and very see-through...

Sexy little babydoll in black lace with a large satin bow. Matching G-string.
90% Polyester, 10% Spandex.

Skyn Natural Feel lubricating gel

Hydration and gentleness thanks to Aloe Vera...

Natural Feeling is a prime, water-based intimate lubricating gel. It is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to recreate a natural lubrication sensation. Its scent-free, non-oily transparent formula creates a soft and silky sensation. The formula is designed to also provide tem…

Jack The Rabbit Rechargeable Vibrator

The Jack the Rabbit cult classic vibrator returns in a new generation version: rechargeable and even quieter!

The series Sex and the City made this famous beaded vibrator - with its little pointed ears in the shape of a rabbit designed to titillate the clitoris - popular. Carry Bradshaw had to have this vibrator!

Jack The Rabbit allows you to stimulate your G-spot and clitoris s…

We Vibe 4 Plus vibrator

The Smartphone app sex toy couples can use while making love.

The We Vibe 4 Plus is the new version of the We Vibe 4, with the latest innovation being a Smartphone app. This means you can remote control your partner's pleasure whether you are a few feet or 10,000 miles away!
The basic premise of the We Vibe 4 is that it is a vibrator t…

Jack The Rabbit vibrator

Made famous by the Sex and the City series !

It was the Sex and the City series that made this famous vibrator popular, with its balls and small pointed rabbit ears for stimulating the clitoris. In the series, the heroines couldn t get enough of the pleasure it provides. And we can see why! It must be said that this ra…

Tenga 3 pack

Experiment with 3 different sensations.

Tengas are masturbators that come direct from Japan. Each shape allows you to experience a different sensation.

The Deep Throat Cup reproduces the effects of a deep throat blow job. Thanks to its valve, which you can block with your finger to control the suction of air, …

Longer Love Spray

Spray for delaying ejaculation. Does not contain lidocaine or benzocaine.

The active ingredients in the SexyAvenue Longer Love Spray temporarily anaesthetize the most sensitive areas of the penis and prevent premature ejaculation. You will reach orgasm more slowly and sex is more enjoyable for both partners.
Directions for use: spray the penis one…

Sexy Gel 4ml single dose pack

Single dose packs of lubricating gel naturally formulated with water.

This gel is a bestseller in our Sexy Gel range, specially designed for you and formulated to minimise the risk of allergies. Sexy Gel may therefore be applied to all the intimate parts of your body for additional lubrication. Sexy Gel is water-based, so it is non-greasy, non-sti…

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