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Suchen Sie Massageöl, Kondome oder Gleitmittel? Kaufen Sie Massageprodukte online in unserem Sexshop.

Lubrifist Gel 200ml

Specially studied for very strong penetrations.

This gel is part of a complete family of laboratory products developed and recommended by Doctor Waynberg, a well known sexologist.
Compatible with condoms. Non fat, it does not stain. Paraben free.

Performa Condoms

Make love all night !

special Benzocaine cream inside the teat end of the condom to help control climax and prolong sexual excitement for longer lasting lovemaking. Non spermicidal lubricant coating the outside of the condom. Odour Masker. Shaped to be easier to put on and to provide a better fit and…

Anal relaxing spray

Spray for intense use. Does not contain lidocaine or benzocaine.

Anal relaxing spray is a spray specially designed for anal penetration. Its ingredients ensure effective relaxation. Thanks to its cooling effect, it acts as an anaesthetic, allowing penetration without loss of sensation.
Directions for use: spray the anal area one or two ti…

SexyAvenue condom

Discover SexyAvenue condoms in a capsule!

With trendy and original packaging guaranteeing optimal storage life, SexyAvenue condoms can be carried everywhere. Finally, fun and sexy packaging!
Also available in a pack of 5 condoms, all contained in a pretty organza bag in SexyAvenue s colours (reference G4306).

Durex Play Lovely Long gel

For lubrication that lasts three times as long as a standard lube...

The new Durex Play Lovely Long lubricating gel lasts three times longer (test conducted in comparison with a Durex Play product) for long-lasting comfort. Its new silicon-based texture does not feel cold on application and is non-sticky. This lubricating gel may be used to relie…

Orgasm'Intense condoms

The only textured condom with a delay effect: a revolution!

Box of 10 condoms for a more intense experience! Discover our new line of condoms for a simultaneous orgasm. Its "easy-on" shape makes getting the condom on fast and easy, leaving space at the top of the condom. Clear, latex, natural rubber condoms of average diameter:…

Sensual Sliding Gel 'Easy System' 30

Natural water base

Directions for use : for enhanced sensuality and pleasure, SexyGel can be used on the intimate parts of the body, bringing extra lubrication.
Fat free, SexyGel is never sticky nor tacky. Tasteless, scentless and fragrance free. Non allergenic. Compatible with latex condoms.

Sexy Gel 4ml single dose pack

Single dose packs of lubricating gel naturally formulated with water.

This gel is a bestseller in our Sexy Gel range, specially designed for you and formulated to minimise the risk of allergies. Sexy Gel may therefore be applied to all the intimate parts of your body for additional lubrication. Sexy Gel is water-based, so it is non-greasy, non-sti…

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